JUST a teacher?!

I believe…

  • the teacher-student relationship is sacred, based on trust, authenticity, acceptance and patience;
  • each class is a sacred encounter where, when the magic of connection occurs, the miracle and wonder of learning take place;
  • subject matter, the topics of class discussion and exchange, are sacred since they are key in enabling the student to wield the powerful medium that is language;
  • class preparation is a sacred task requiring diligence, conscientiousness and courage since the teacher must seek and prepare the most efficient means to convey and instill a vast scope of knowledge and cognitive, social and emotional skills;
  • the teacher’s calling is sacred, requiring humility, endurance and valor;
  • a teacher’s work is sacred and it is never done; no matter where they go or what they do, they are always looked upon to demonstrate a life of constant learning and development; after all, without it, humanity is unable to adapt the stringent demands of life itself.

Knowledge is a sacred power … and the teacher’s calling is to prepare the soil, sow the seeds and nurture the plants of learning in the minds of their students so hopefully, each one will use it wisely to continue adapting, evolving and thriving in this dynamic ecosystem we call Life.

So teachers, in closing, just to say: you rock! Keep doing your research even if you wonder if you’ll ever get anywhere, keep trying to find exciting, new ways to capture the attention of those restless and inquiring minds, don’t give up on yourself when you question whether it’s worth it all.

You are an essential service!

What keeps you going? What fuels your motor? Drop me a line and let’s give each other a pat on the back!

In the meanwhile, keep learning and keep teaching! – Claire :O)

One response to “JUST a teacher?!”

  1. Couldn’t agree more: You are an essential service! Especially during this time, when many people are feeling particularly vulnerable while simultaneously wanting to develop their skills and broaden their horizons. Good teachers can help students push past the uncomfortable boundaries of what they don’t know with confidence and enthusiasm… Something we can all appreciate!


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