Hi! I’m Claire Maria Ford. Welcome to my website! This is where I express in language, my learning about life.

Who’s behind ESL Mixologist?

I’m an ESL teacher and consultant who combines language learning with personal development. For me, the ESL classroom is all about connecting with my students, and helping them find the words and ways to talk about the new horizons we co-create. After all: words create worlds.


I hold two degrees (Translation and Teaching English as a Second Language) and a certificate in Developmental Psychology. I also did the microprogram in Leadership at the Business School of Université Laval. My current challenge is to obtain my ICF coaching accreditation by the end of 2021.


Over the past thirty years, I have taught ESL to students of all ages, from Grade 1 to Secondary 5 and adults in Vocational Training and the business sector.


I have written and published didactic material for all these publics, both as co-writer for Chenelière Éducation and Ateliers de Conversation anglaise, and author for Éditions de l’Envolée, CEMEQ, Beauport School Board (now des Premières-Seigneuries), Quebec Ministry of Education and Addison-Wesley (now Pearson Education).  


As a consultant, I have carried out a number of mandates, such as implementing the Quebec Educational Reform for the teaching of English in primary and secondary classes, advising on the choice of didactic materials, coaching ESL teachers in pedagogical and evaluation practices, training Irish ESL monitors, presenting didactic materials at provincial ESL teachers’ conferences, researching and implementing an intensive ESL program using leading-edge technological platforms and tools, and advising school directors in establishing mission statements and strategies.