Hi! I’m Claire Maria Ford. Welcome to my website! This is where I share what I’m learning as I explore.

Who am I?

I am an inveterate explorer. In fact, some colleagues dubbed me Alice in Wonderland! I am endlessly curious and love asking questions, making original links between ideas and possibilities, and learning. I am fluently bilingual (English and French) and have studied Spanish, Italian, German, Latin, and Inuktitut. Perhaps the fact that I was adopted explains why my default mindset is to adapt and learn to be able to thrive. It all begins with exploring!

What’s my background?

I have an academic background in a wide range of areas: translation, teaching, psychology, and organizational development. I am also a certified business coach. Throughout my career, I have worked in Europe and in various cities across Canada.

What do I do exactly?

My resumé reflects my mosaic of talents as I have worked as a secretary-receptionist, translator-interpreter, tour guide, teacher, humanitarian worker, Sunday school administrator, textbook writer, reviser, coach, and consultant.

However, until further notice, I’m having fun as a language and management coach in Quebec City.

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